Who We Are

Five Star Parks & Attractions is a platform at the forefront of the amusement and hospitality industry that partners with and invests in leading family entertainment centers (FECs). We are more than just a rating. We assist in developing and maintaining safe and friendly amusement park locations that celebrate fun and personify the joy of play.

What we do

We provide essential financial backing that aids property partners in developing superior entertainment experiences and lasting success. Five Star Parks & Attractions showcases an unparalleled collection of FEC brands, creating unforgettable moments at each location.

what we value

Safety:  Safety is first and foremost in our operations, to instill trust and provide security for guests and employees.

Appearance: Taking pride and ownership within all areas of each park & attraction.

Friendliness: Treating guests with the same care as friends.

Empathy: Acknowledge and encourage possibilities for guests at every age and ability.

Rewarding: Recognize the payoff for each individual guest, then celebrate it.

Where To Find Us

We are proudly rooted in 12 U.S. states with 25 locations! But if you’re looking for our corporate office, you’ll find us headquartered in Branson, MO. Learn more about our locations below.

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